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Cole finally got Jay to provide a verse on a track and then comes “Mr. Nice Watch”. Certainly not the best off Cole’s album, but still something to bang too. Remember Cole World: The Sideline Story in stores September 27. Don’t say we didn’t tell you.


For me there’s nothing better for an old school gamer to see than videos and cartoon strips of the the Italian plumber himself and his video game parodies. So below are just a couple of videos and a cool comic strip I found yesterday.

Who would have thought Mario was a fake??

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Mario has his work cutout for him

Again just the like the Call Of Duty Video we found a while back, I wish I had a chance to live and play in this world!

Comic-Con is mostly all about the Comics, Movies, Games, and TV Shows, but we forget that there are some very talented artists that show up to the convention an show off on what they can do with a paper and a pencil. Below are some amazing pieces of art that show what this convention is all about. Thanks again to JOBLO.COM for actually being there and getting these pics.

James Bond through the Years!!!

The Hulk, one of my favorites to have hanging above the fireplace

Darth Vader VS Batman, who would win??

Back to the Future

A Christmas Story, “You will shoot your eye out”

The Human Centipede


Ghostbusters, I’ll Join for sure

I would spend some serious dough for this Indiana Jones 

Damn Loki looks Bad Ass

WonderWoman, yeeahh it’s pretty good

Dammit Diddy (whatever your name is) you just give us more and more reasons for us not to like you, maybe you had too much to drink, But still you had to pick this name…….(Just shaking my head right now)

TIDBIT: If you hear closely, you can hear the seagulls from “Finding Nemo”…swag,swag,swag,swag

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