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There isn’t anything more better than “The Simpson’s”, correction there isn’t anything more better than “The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror Episodes”.

This fall The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode looks to be amazing this year, mainly because it mashes up both of my favorite TV Shows together, The Simpsons and Dexter! Check out the 30 second clip below.

The 30 second clip above does show Springfield’s friendly neighbor Ned Flanders doing a parody to Dexter’s opening credits and nails it! If you’re a fan to both TV shows, then this will be one comedic/bloody episode.


When Mike Judge was asked why he wanted to bring back Beavis and Butthead, he responded “I felt like TV was getting too smart”. Mike judge the creator of “Beavis and Butthead” and “King 0f the Hill” has decided to bring back the same 90’s classic TV show that brainwashed people with their brand of stupid humor and fart jokes that made the characters popular.

While at Comic-Con, Mike Judge revealed a 10 minute clip of what they show had to offer and it sure does look like it has not lost it touch. The 10 minute clip showed their signature sarcastic commentary, but now over clips of “Jersey Show” and “16 & Pregnant” instead of music videos. The clip below shows some of that video including some AWESOME commentary over the “Jersey Shore”

Beavis and Butthead will return to television on the same network that gave them a chance in the 90’s this fall on MTV.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

With Frank Darabont writing the show this year, you know its gonna be great and dramatic and with the combination of Darabont, October, and Zombies, what can go wrong. Cant Wait!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If there was an “EPIC” button to click, I would definitely click it for this video. From the get go, once I see Edward James-Olmos as the bad guy in Dexter…I’m in already,Lets Go and get this show started already!

Normally in Dexter there is always one bad guy that highlights the show, but this time we see Edward James-Olmos, Mos Def, and the geeky Collin Hanks all profiling some kind of evil in the show. Check it out below and get ready for an epic season of Dexter.

How many times have I said “Epic”

Unfortunately it is true. According to a report from Engadget today, Netflix will be revising the pricing structure for its DVD, Blu-ray, and Instant Streaming movies services and not have current customer grandfathered into new plans.

The price change is said to take in effect tomorrow, Wednesday July 13 at around 9:00 pm for new customers, but for existing customers the price change wont take into effect until September 1 OR your next billing period after September 1st, check your Netflix account to find out the full details of your plan.

Before the plan change, a customer could get 1 DVD out at a time for only $4.99 , but with the new plan a customer is looking at $7.99 for 1 DVD out at a time. The old plan of $9.99 for both Unlimited streaming and 1 DVD out at a time is no longer that price anymore, instead were looking at $15.98 for that same plan.

The new plan looks as is below:

  • $7.99 for 1 DVD out at a time 
  • $11.99 for 2 DVDs out at a time 
  • $7.99 for unlimited streaming (no DVDs or Blu-rays) 
  • $15.98 for 1 DVD and unlimited streaming

Still no word from Netflix if they plan to change any higher plans, but it does look like I have to lower my plan in September.

Kenny Powers of the popular show “Eastbound and Down” on HBO has just given me a reason to watch the show once again. When Eastbound and Down first premiered on HBO, I watched the first episode  and thought it was pretty cool, but ever since then I haven’t watched it since.

After watching the video below with Kenny Powers and being the CEO of K-SWISS, I just added this show to my Netflix Queue! and the shoes actually look pretty bad ass! Check it out.



The long wait continues for “The Walking Dead” season 2 to premiere on AMC, but this picture below sure does help me get my fix for the show to air once again. Come on AMC don’t make me wait till Halloween to watch this show again, although it would be pretty cool to watch it zombies around that time. I sure do love me some zombies!

Click on the picture below to enlarge, but be careful when you do, ha.

TIDBIT: Who’s in my survival group when the zombies rise from the dead???