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Being a basketball fan and excited for the NBA Finals to begin I wanted to watch every second of the game and because ABC decided to get fancy I even saw the player and coaches interviews….why, well that’s because ABC  and the Recom Group has improved the way we will see future interviews.

I don’t know maybe it’s just me being my nerd self and think it’s pretty cool to see Mini Tv’s on microphones now a days. We In The Future!!


Rumors are stirring up, but if this is true get ready to upgrade those iPhones people because the iPhone 5 is coming…but later than you think.

Apple Insider has published a report today explaining that Apple will pass on releasing the iPhone in June and instead start production in September to the release the phone in October for the holiday season. The other explanation for this move is because Apple will want to maximize production volumes and avoid shortage of any phones upon release.

In addition to the release of the phone, Apple insider has also said that the next-generation iPhone would feature an 8-megapixel camera (Instead of the 5 megapixel) and Apple’s new A5 processor, which can currently be found in the iPad2. Apple will also allegedly adopt a new wireless chipset for 4g coverage and an improved antenna design. Now there isn’t many changes coming to the iPhone 5 other than the camera and better coverage, but that is because Apple is also planning on releasing the iPhone 6 soon,HaHa. Apple is instead saving and waiting to change the whole look of the iPhone and many features for it in the first half of 2012, when the iPhone 6 is also rumored to be released.

Again these reports are just rumors, but there coming from a trusted source in Apple Insider that has accurately reported major features and production of other products.

TIDBIT: Damn two phones within months of each other….Pick your Poison wisely people

New iPod Nano Leaked

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Tech/Gear

Let’s start up some apple rumors now shall we? A leaked photo that hit the web sometime yesterday that shows the inside of the new iPod Nano (Below) and if you take a look at the photo, you can see that there is a empty engraving that shows where the camera would be held. Of course this means that the  belt clip that is usually behind the nano will have to be resizes. The leak does come from a site with a proven track record for nailing Apple rumors, but we’ll just wait and see. Most likely any announcement of the new ipod or any apple products would most likely be announced in the summer. Stay tuned.