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Football is back and were glad that Damn lockout is over, but that also means something else for us…Fantasy Football is back!!

Yours Truly J.Manzano and “Big O” Rodriguez are “heavenly” involved in a Fantasy Football League and yup that is an understatementThe More Taste League consists of PPR stats and one completion for a QB is one point….you can see why many QB’s got taken early.

Below is an inside look of the draft results and as you can see, I (Big O, Geek Squad) had the best draft when it was all said and done.HaHa

Click on pic for a better view

Some video highlights of the draft coming soon

TIDBIT: His name is Janikowski


Look at those Gold Balls!,ha. These standard-sized Rawlings baseballs will be featured in the 2011 Home Run Derby where both the American League and National League participants will get a chance to hit these gold balls once they are down to his final out in each round. According to MLB, these gold baseballs feature one leather panel that has been infused with 24-karat gold and carry an carry a MSRP of $149.99 per ball, not to mentioned it might be worth a bit more on the player who hits it into the stands.

The AL and NL participants include David Ortiz, Adrian Gonzalez, Jose Bautista, and Robinson Cano from the American League while Prince Fielder, Rickie Weeks, Matt Holiday, and Matt Kemp will represent the National League. The 2011 Home Run Derby does begin on Monday July 11 and televised on ESPN.

It would be interesting to see how people would react when the $150 gold ball comes contact into the stands.

During the NFL Lockout ,many NFL players have decided to take certain hobbies and adventures to keep busy while the lockout. Chad Ochocinco took up  bull riding and NACAR, Ray Edwards decided he might want to try a different career and get into some boxing, while Cleveland Brown’s wide receiver Carlton Mitchell is looking to run some routes and probably gave twitter the best twitpic to come out during the NFL Lockout.

Carlton Mitchell is a 2010 6th round pick for the Cleveland Browns, so you know he isn’t carrying the biggest of millions compared to many of his NFL peers.

except it wont be with Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather Jr will be ending a 16-month layoff when he steps into the ring Sept. 17 against southpaw Victor Ortiz. Although Freddie Roach, Manny Pacquiao’s trainer thinks that the reason Floyd Mayweather Jr. took the Victor Ortiz fight is because Ortiz has the style that would help get Mayweather ready for a fight against Pacquiao, “Of course, that’s the first thing that came to my mind,” Roach said.

The comparisons are somewhat similar between Pacquiao and Ortiz they both are fast, high-volume punchers who tend to press the action and southpaws. Mayweather Jr. throughout his entire career has rarely fought southpaw fighters.

What do you think, is it true that Mayweather is getting ready to fight Pacquiao or just mere coincidence???

After 20 months in a New York jail cell, the Ex-New York Giants wideout has been released. Burress was released and seen sporting a red Philadelphia Phillies baseball cap, speculation is that might be his next stop for an NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles. Michael Vick has been one to say that he would love to have Burress play with the Eagles. Plaxico Burress did make a quick statement before leaving to Florida to rejoin with his family. “It’s a beautiful day to be reunited with my family. I want to go home and spend some quality time with them.” Burress also commented on his return to the NFL, “If and when everything gets settled, when they get back on the field, I’ll be ready.”

TIDBIT: Which NFL Team do you think Plaxico Burress will end up with??

The NBA Finals are here and set to begin on Tuesday (May 31st) and we finally have the two teams that will play for the Larry O’ Brien Championship trophy, the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks.

If this 2011 NBA Finals matchup seems familiar that’s because this is a rematch of the 2006 NBA Finals, in which Dwayne Wade led the Heat past Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks for the team’s first and only NBA Championship. Sure things have changed since then, the Miami Heat are without “The Big Diesel” Shaquille O’ Neal, Alonzo Mourning and Pat Riley at the helm coaching. The Dallas Mavericks in 2006 still had Dirk Nowitzki but had no support what so ever to help him beat the Heat and get his first ring.

Miami Heat

Fast forward 5 years later and we now have “The Big Three”, Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, and Chris Bosh all in one team. The addition of James and Bosh gives the Heat more options on offense and defense to make them a balance team, it also takes a lot of pressure out of Wade and forcing him to score every time, these are the kind of moves the Miami Heat have been lacking the years sice they won the Championship in 2006.

Dallas Mavericks

It’s 2011 now and after losing the NBA Finals in 2006, the Dallas Mavericks have been rebuilding around Dirk Nowitzki and worked their way back to the NBA Finals and forget the 2-0 lead “Choke Job”. Since then the Mavericks year by year have added the pieces to the puzzle to lead them back to the finals. They started so at point guard and added veteran Jason Kidd to control and set up the offense, slowly and slowly the Mavericks added Shawn Marion, Tyson Chandler, Peja Stojakovic and a heavy loaded bench roster to support Dirk.

Now that both teams have loaded up their rosters to get them back to the NBA Finals, will Dwayne Wade get his second ring and help Lebron James and Chris Bosh get their first championship or will Dirk Nowitzki finally put 2006 behind him and avoid being one of the greatest players in NBA history NOT to win a championship?? Who do you think is going to win the 2011 NBA Championship?

Put your Vote in below on who you think is going win the NBA Finals