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Football is back and were glad that Damn lockout is over, but that also means something else for us…Fantasy Football is back!!

Yours Truly J.Manzano and “Big O” Rodriguez are “heavenly” involved in a Fantasy Football League and yup that is an understatementThe More Taste League consists of PPR stats and one completion for a QB is one point….you can see why many QB’s got taken early.

Below is an inside look of the draft results and as you can see, I (Big O, Geek Squad) had the best draft when it was all said and done.HaHa

Click on pic for a better view

Some video highlights of the draft coming soon

TIDBIT: His name is Janikowski



Oh yeah this day just got a whole lot better!! Mortal Kombat, Portal 2 and some Snickers to grub on!!

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