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How To Fix Facebook.

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Awesome Stuff
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Recently Facebook has been given a minor facelift and had some features of the site moved around and scattered, I didn’t like this and it just confused the hell out of me of the new interface they inputted….But anyways. The poster below shows that I’m not the only one that dislikes constant updates and interface that Facebook keeps jamming down our throats.

TIDBIT: What can I Say…Theres always Google+


I dont think I’m ever going to feel right playing Super Mario Bros knowing where those PowerUp’s come from now.

SuperMan can get anything good these days

I dont like tech support now and I don’t think i’m gonna like tech support in the future

Honest Abe just telling it how it is….I think i’ll take his advise

Somewhere in this band of robots is “WALL-E”, Can you spot him in this picture. It took me a close 2 minutes to find him. How long will it take you??? Click on image to get a better view!

It may be 9 minutes long, but if you love Fast Cars, Drifting, Explosions, Gorillas, and Robot Sharks…yeah Robot Sharks! Then this is a must see video you don’t want to miss!

TIDBIT: Watching it in HD is a must…if possible