About MFIC

M.F.I.C. Productions comprise of two members (at the moment), Oscar Rodriguez and J. Manzano . Two entrepreneurs  ready to make an impact on this “Social buzz”, not followers but trend setters with a vision to leave a mark in the entertainment game. A mission to overpass every limit on any media and establish a new source outlet.

With the M.F.I.C. Website (MOFOSINCHARGE.COM) were able to let people know what we can do and what we can achieve with the right buzz and projects we give to you all.

MOFOSINCHARGE.COM  not only is a website where we can promote ourselves, but the site also provides the latest information for Music you have or not heard about,  Movie news that is breaking daily and movies you should look out for, and of course we take care of any entertainment news and tidbits you should know about. I guess you could say that were also the ” MotherF-inn Information Center”, haha.

Anyways check out the website whether you like it or not, whether you hate us or don’t, we don’t care. As for the people that come to this website and support us, We Thank You For The Support! and spread the word…..now as for the haters, we love you guys too and keep it coming, cause at the end of the day we still are the M.F.I.C.



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