The Hot List: Old Nickelodeon Shows

Posted: August 9, 2011 in The Hot List

The Hot List is our version of “The Top Ten”. Just like ESPN’S SportsCenter “Top Ten” and David Letterman’s shitty “Late Show Top Ten”We will bring you our list and countdown the topic we are discussing about.

With J.Manzano and Myself both raising a future MFIC Member, we always happen to watch certain cartoon and sketch comedy shows on Nickelodeon. As we keep watching, we realized that these shows are not the same product that they used to advertised when we grew up. Now I know it might be because our imaginations and taste of shows are not the same that they used to be when we were much younger, but believe us when we say….“We gave these shows a Chance”. That’s why we made the list of the Top Nickelodeon shows that we both miss and maybe you do too.       The Hot List is in no specific order.

1) RugRats

– These fun loving little RugRats were the best and funniest to see and the thing about the show was that it was always “Fresh”. By “Fresh” I do mean that a show that kept you tuned in because it related to what the kids (Viewers) were experiencing and saw when growing up as a little baby. Rugrats also was successful because it made you laugh from beginning to the end, cause of one thing….the babie’s. Each baby had their own personality that a kid could see a bit in themselves. Of course Tommy, Chucky, Phil, Lil, and even Angelica could not do it alone, You also had to include the Stu, “The Inventor”, DeeDee “The Worried Mom” who had to rely on Dr.Lipschitz every day, and Grandpa who “Back in his Day” had one interesting life. The only thing we disagree with Rugrats were the “All Grown Up” series.

2.) Doug

– Doug was one of those shows where you would root on for the geek to be on top at the end of the show, which is why this became one my favorite cartoons of all-time on Nickelodeon. Doug was one of those characters where he would get into stuck into a situation and rely on his friends, family, illustrated comic book heroes, and even his dog porkchop to help bail him out. The show was filled with many characters to fill a story around with Doug, but the one story everyone was always interested was Doug and Patty Mayonaise.

3.)Are You Afraid of the Dark

This show gave me the creeps as a kid and still does to this day. From the moment that the show starts and the eerie music begins, I was Creeped out.

Are You Afraid of the Dark consisted of a group of teenagers that met every week in the woods and gathered around a campfire to tell scary stories, as weird as it sounds most consisted of what they saw or dealt with in their lives. The stories that the show provided were so good, that I became creeped out of going into a pool, comic books, prank phone calls, aliens, and many more. Although the show did have some corny costumes, acting, and graphics at that time, the show was good because it had good stories that would haunt and catch the attention of a kid and a have a moral lesson behind it.

4.) Rocko’s Modern Life

If I can described Rocko’s Modern Life in one word, that would be….Crazy! Thats basically what Rocko’s Modern Life was. If you were to tuned in to an episode, you would see Rocko live his life filled with explosions and freak-out’s non stop and that’s what made it awesomely funny to watch. As a young kid watching this show I just laughed cause of the freak-out’s and accidents Rocko and crew would get into, but if you were to watch this show as a grown up now, you realized that this show tested it’s bounderies by sneaking in some adult humor at times. Go ahead check it out again.

5.) All That

“All That” was basically plain and simple “All That”. It was a sketch comedy show that provided jokes for “pre-teen kids”, it was basically the Saturday Night Live and Mad TV for kids. Even though the jokes were intended for young kids, seeing superhero “SuperDude” being lactose intolerance is still hilarious to this day. The show had many sketches that were hilarious including Kel at “Good Burger”, Cooking with Randy and Mandy, “The Loud Librarian” with Lori Beth, and many more. Check out some of what the show provided below.

The other reason why we love this how is because it also did what MTV is missing now a days, it provided musical appearances from the hottest artists at the end of the show. Just like the RugRats, we could go on and on about how great this show was, so well just move on.

           See you in a Bit with 5-10…..

  1. Nena says:

    All my favorite shows!

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