Comic Con 2011: What I’m Missing!

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Awesome Stuff

For those that don’t know me (Oscar), then you don’t know that I am a “Die Hard-Fun Loving-Nerdgasmic Geek”, yeah I think that explains it. Well for being the geek that I truly am, I have a couple of things on my “Bucket List” that I would like to have crossed out and one specifically would be….Go To Comic-Con!! Comic-Con is the Geek event of the year where many fellow “attendees” meet at San Diego to look at what the comic book, movie, and TV show industry have to offer. Thanks to JOBLO.COM, below are a couple of pictures of what the event has to offer and what I could be seeing.

If anything I think we should start a donation to send me to San Diego Comic-Con next year….I’m just saying,ha

Teddy’s Finger and Monkey from Hangover 2!

Avenger’s Headquarters

The Dream Machine from Inception


MIB Motorcycle WTF!



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