Pics Surface of “The Amazing Spider-Man”

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Movies
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Finally the very first GOOD look of spidey and cast show up on the web and they look pretty good. Knowing how everything has gone wrong with Spider-Man the past years with the last two movies and broadway play, things should get better with this reboot movie, right???

With the bad publicity going against Spider-Man, I feel like rooting for this movie to do good. Now I know there’s a chance that the movie might let me down, but that’s what I like about movies, they could always surprise someone. I guess you could put in perspective that “The Amazing Spider-Man” like the VCU Basketball team, you want that cinderella team to beat the odds that’s going against them, make it at the end and succeed.

Anyways check out some of the the pics below that Entertainment Weekly has got from the movie and If you are interested in looking at ALL of the pics that Entertainment Weekly received (Which I Recommend), just CLICK HERE.


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