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Hit after Hit, Classic after Classic, J.cole still delivers what he does best and just like Kanye West did just like the “Good Friday Days”, expect new music/videos from Cole every sunday till the album drops on 9/27/2011. “Cole World:The Sideline Story”



Drake drops off another track that will come along his sophomore album “Take Care” on October  24


There isn’t anything more better than “The Simpson’s”, correction there isn’t anything more better than “The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror Episodes”.

This fall The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode looks to be amazing this year, mainly because it mashes up both of my favorite TV Shows together, The Simpsons and Dexter! Check out the 30 second clip below.

The 30 second clip above does show Springfield’s friendly neighbor Ned Flanders doing a parody to Dexter’s opening credits and nails it! If you’re a fan to both TV shows, then this will be one comedic/bloody episode.

It’s still two more months away for J.Cole’s album “Cole World: The Sideline Story” to be in stores, but a track has been released via the “web” and it’s too good not to post. J.Cole does get some help from “Mr. Steal Your Girl”, Trey Songz and if you still have not listen to any J.Cole music….don’t say we didn’t tell you.

Check out below of what can possibly be a radio hit


I still cant get enough of the many comparisons between Windows and Mac. This little instruction booklet explains it all. Hail Mac!!

Comic-Con is mostly all about the Comics, Movies, Games, and TV Shows, but we forget that there are some very talented artists that show up to the convention an show off on what they can do with a paper and a pencil. Below are some amazing pieces of art that show what this convention is all about. Thanks again to JOBLO.COM for actually being there and getting these pics.

James Bond through the Years!!!

The Hulk, one of my favorites to have hanging above the fireplace

Darth Vader VS Batman, who would win??

Back to the Future

A Christmas Story, “You will shoot your eye out”

The Human Centipede


Ghostbusters, I’ll Join for sure

I would spend some serious dough for this Indiana Jones 

Damn Loki looks Bad Ass

WonderWoman, yeeahh it’s pretty good

Theres nothing that I like better than an inside look of how Gears of War 3 is made. This video does show that the third part will look more dramatic and intense and get in deeper with all the characters involved with the Gears franchise. Gears of War 3 will be released worldwide on September 20, be sure to reserve  it now!