2Pac Studio Shooter Confesses

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Hollywood, Music
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AllHIPHOP is reporting that a man by the name of Dexter Issac has confessed to the shooting of 2Pac at Quad Studios on November 7 1994. Dexter Issac an associate of music executive Jimmy Henchmen said that Henchman paid him $2,500 for the hit at Quad Studios. Initial reports are that there were two men dressed in army fatigues that robbed Pac at gunpoint for his jewelry.

Dexter Issac has come forward to prove Jimmy Henchmen involvement in the altercation and to clear his own conscience. Along with the confession of the shooting, Issac not only knows what happened to the 2Pac jewelry that was taken that night,but he claims that he is in possession of the rappers jewelry. Dexter Issac is currently serving a life sentence in prison for murder, robbery and other offenses, while Henchman is currently on the run from the law

The news and confession has come out on the eve of 2Pac’s 40th birthday.


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