M.F.I.C. E3 2011 Coverage (Day 2) Nintendo’s New Console

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Video Game
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It’s June and that means one thing, it’s the 2011 E3 show (Electronic Entertainment Expo) basically it’s the video gamer’s super bowl show. Just because this show and convention is intended for the nerd’s of video game, it does not mean that the mom’s and dad’s of the world would not like the news that would be coming out this week. The news that breaks out this week will affect on what game system you do have or are planning to get and what games you’re kids will want this holiday. So pay close attention cause we will be posting A SHIT LOAD OF YOUTUBE VIDEOS and thanks to IGN, we will update this post and more when the news come out.

Nintendo Press Conference

Going into the Nintendo Press conference everyone was expecting and waiting for one thing in mind and that was the new console Nintendo was set to unveil. Today on June 7 in big theatre, Nintendo unveiled the “Wii U”. Nintendo started off the show with a celebration montage video of the 25 years of Zelda. Throughout the conference Nintendo kept unveiling new games for both the “Nintendo Wii” and mostly the “Nintendo 3DS”, after it was all set and done Nintendo went on to unveil their new “console”, the “Nintendo Wii U”.

Nintendo Wii U

As many people would think when a company unveils a new console, you think the main focus would be on the console itself, but with the “Nintendo Wii U” the main priority is the controller itself. The controller of the Wii U is what makes the new console, it is the heart of it I guess you can say and  it is unique in many different ways. Check out the Announcement trailer below and see what you can expect to see from the Nintendo’s next baby.

All right so let’s go on to the specifications of the controller. The controller will feature a 6.2 inch touch screen with many standard buttons, including a d-pad, four face buttons, four shoulder triggers, a power button and a front facing camera, off the bat it does look like the players is holding a tablet in their hands. The amazing thing about this device is that it is backwards compatible with many other Wii controllers that you may or may not have.

While watching Nintendo unveil their new console, we already did know that the console would not come out until next year ,but what we did not know was how much money Nintendo expects us to pay for their new toy. As the conference was coming to an end, we did not get that answer….we actually didn’t get many answers, it kind of felt like Nintendo unveiled a new toy to a bunch of kids and just let kids try to figure it out how to use it properly.

After the conference was over Nintendo did however have many Wii U consoles outside the conference and let those who were in attendance try out their new baby and because were not “big” as many websites (Not yet of course) we were not there to test it out, but IGN was, so if you want to find out more information on the Wii U and how it works just click HERE.

Mario Kart 3ds Trailer

Almost every Mario Kart seems to be the best and this one looks also great as well. Mario Kart 3DS does add a twist to this version. Mario Kart 3DS coming this fall.

Luigi’s Mansion 2

An Italian plumber with a vacuum to hunt ghost around different mansions, what’s not to love about this,count me in

Wii U Game Line-Up

A look at the games coming to the Wii U next year, not sure if the games you see will be the ones coming next year.


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