The Hangover Part 1 & 2 Mashup

Posted: May 27, 2011 in Awesome Stuff, Movies
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So recently the M.F.I.C. Crew went to a midnight screening of “The Hangover: Part 2” when it was released. We saw the movie and we pretty much walked out with the same idea, it was pretty much the same movie, but different location. The video below does show some of the comparisons between both movies. Don’t get us wrong, the Hangover part 2 was still a good movie and def worth a check if you’re a fan of the first part. The sequel is still a good movie and probably is far better than a few other comedy movies, it just doesn’t live it up to the original like we expected. Although we will say that the sequel is a lot more “raunchy”, I guess that’s the word were looking for.

Anyways check out the video below and see some of the comparisons that you will see when you watch the movie.

TIDBIT: I’m never vacationing in Bangkok, some crazy shit goes down there


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