Gears of War 3 Campaign Trailer Announcement

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Video Game
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Epic Games and “Gears of War 3” will debut the Campaign Trailer next saturday on May 28 during the Champions League Final and Game 6 of the NBA Playoffs. Still don’t know exactly around what time the trailer will debut during Game 6 of the NBA playoffs, but it will most likely be during the second half, that is if there is a Game 6.

The trailer promises to give fans of the series a “gripping preview” of the game’s campaign, as Marcus, Dom, and their fellow battle-hardened COGs make a last-stand against their old foes, the Locust, and their new nemesis, the Lambent. Check out a little teaser of the trailer below.

TIDBIT: Also, if you’re a COD: Modern Warfare fan, make sure that you catch the world premiere trailer that will be airing on May 23. More specifically, though, it will be during the fourth game of the Western Conference Finals on ESPN.


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