Remember Subscribe To The M.F.I.C. Website

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Wanna stay up to date with M.F.I.C. and the MofosInCharge website, well you can definitely do that and it’s just a click away. But you’re asking yourself…..

Q: “How do I Subscribe” well your in luck, all you need is an email address and maybe 30 seconds of your life

Q: “Where Do I Subscribe??”: Good question just look at the left side of the site and look for “Subscribe To The Site” (Use pic below for reference…just in case)

Q: “Why Should I Subcribe??”: To stay updated on our site and find out whats going on NOW! with M.F.I.C. Members or the posts we got going on that day or any kind of news that you should know about. It’s also helps you out when you subscribe because whenever we post something on our site, we will send you an email of what that post is. No more hunting for our posts on Facebook, you’ll get it right away!

TIDBIT: Also if you subscribe, you will have Good Karma


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