Weekend Box Office #’s

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Movies

Thor is #1 Again!!

For a minute it looked like the all around movie “Bridemaids” were gonna take the spot but “Thor” is just powering his way to the top spot for two weeks in a row. Thor still ended up on top with 34.5 Million this week but lost 48% of its audience in the process, expect that percentage to increase  as we MIGHT see Thor lose it’s spot at number # 1 next week. On the other hand, The Judd Apatow produced film had great reviews all around and it did great this weekend as it raked in $25 Million, which is great for second place and  a movie that only cost $30 Million to make. “Fast Five” is still banking in the cash and making its way into third place this week and now becomes the highest grossing movie of the year with $169 Million.

Next week does see the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides which is a money making machine because of it’s fan base, so well see next week if Thor can still beat out Pirates 4 and Bridemaids.

1) Thor – $34.5 Million

2) Bridesmaids – $24.4 Million

3) Fast Five – $19.5 Million

4) Priest – $14.5 Million

5) Rio – $8 Million


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