Weekend Box Office #’s

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Movies

Thor hammers his way to the top of the Box Office!!!

With “Fast Five” last week opening at Number 1 with $84 Million for the weekend, it looked like Thor was easily gonna reach or come close to that same number. This is pretty interesting knowing the much fan base that “Thor” has and this being the first blockbuster movie of the summer. “Thor” by the end of the weekend will end close to $66-$70 Million which is still pretty good but you would expect a bit better numbers from a comic book movie of this magnitude.

I’ve been waiting for “Thor” to be released  and could not wait for it to come out in theaters, I saw the movie and I wasn’t let down, but thats a different story for a different time. “Thor” only cashing in $66 Million this week doesn’t mean that it wont be a great success in a couple of weeks, with hype and time “Thor” will be cashing in a great amount of money that it deserves soon enough. Check out what else “Thor” beat out this weekend below.

1) “Thor” – $66 Million

2) “Fast Five” – $32.5 Million

3) “Jumping The Broom” – $13.7 Million

4) “Something Borrowed “ – $13.2 Million

5) “Rio” – $8.2 Million


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