Weekend Box Office #’s

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Movies
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As the summer movies begin, Fast Five begins it’s place at #1.

Not bad “Fast Five”, Not Bad. Well apparently people are still not tired of car chasing exploding stunts and why should they, their awesome! I’m still a fan of The Fast and The Furious movie franchise just not as much as the original movie.

If you can’t tell “Fast Five” kicked major ass this week and demolished every movie out there. “Fast Five” actually broke records of its own and it is now the franchises biggest opening week. “Fast Five” also beat the dominance of Family/Animated movies that were reigning at number one and now the summer movies can begin!! Check out the other movies that Fast Five beat out this week below.

1) Fast Five – $83.6 Million

2) RIO – $14.4 Million

3) Madea’s Big Happy Family – $10.1 Million

4) Water For Elephants – $9.1 Million

5) Prom – $5 Million

TIDBIT: Remember THOR opening this week, let’s see what kind of numbers THOR can pull in.


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