On Blast!: KiD CuDi vs. Wiz Khalifa

Posted: April 19, 2011 in On Blast

Ok so lately theres been a lot of buzz from Wiz Khalifa (Black and Yellow). Now I dont wanna sound like Im hatin but F#$K Wiz Khaleefy! In my opinion Wiz copped Cudi’s style but simplifying it enough to where the teeny boppers jump on the band wagon. I’ve tried to like Wiz but listening to his mixtapes/albums just aint working. I would say most of his music are about weed, now I love ma weed and ma weed music…but shit at one point it starts getting old. Now Kid Cudi A.K.A. The Moon Man has his share of chronic music but hey its shit that jams…they actually make sense and dont run on about some random shit.

Kid Cudi

                                                       Cudi has been on the music scene for quite some time, doing collabs with Kanye West , Snoop Dogg, David Guetta and Mary J.Blige  just to name a few. And as a fan Im surprised his hype isn’t over shadowing wiz. Well at least I know Kid Cudi is waayy more sick when it comes to wreckin the mic, while Wiz is picking up some one else’s old swag and some ones old bitch turning her into his new bitch…sorry had to get that in there. I dont Know I might offend some people but oh well, if you’d like to comment back  and ripp me a new one! good go for it, i would love the response.

TIDBIT: When it comes to blazin I think Cudi takes the cake…


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