Weekend Box Office #’s

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Movies
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Animals/Family/Animated movies are dominating movie theatres

First it was “Rango” the chameleon, then “HOP” the easter bunny, and now “Rio” the macaw blue bird. Apparently all you have to do is to create a family animated animal movie and your pretty much guaranteed to be on top of the Box office for that week. Theres nothing much to say this week other than another family movie kicked ass and “Scream 4″ did pretty well did this week but don’t know exactly how long it will continue? Check out the Top 5 movies this week.

1)”Rio” – $40 Million

2)”Scream 4″ – $19.3 Million

3)”HOP” – $11.2 Million

4)”Soul Surfer” – $7.4 Million

5)”Hanna” – $7.3 Million

TIDBIT: Cant wait for Summer Movies to arrive!!


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