Cowboys and Aliens Movie Trailer

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Movies

Look Yes! I heard some of  the things a couple of you are saying about this movie, some of you are being a bit skeptical and weary as this movie is exactly about “Cowboys and Aliens”. I hear some of the things you guys say, “It looks dumb”, What The Fuck is that”, “Stupid”.

So why exactly am I ranting so much about this movie, well because I heard the same old spit with “Star Trek”, “District 9” and “Kick Ass”, The same movies I defended and turned out to be Box Office Hits. Come on people, this movie is directed by the guy who did Iron Man (Jon Favreau), It has F-In James Bond (Daniel Craig), the beautiful (Olivia Wilde) who is smokingly HOT and can actually act! and let us not forget Mr. Harrison Ford.

Look all I am saying is that if you combined these people together and mixed it up with one bad ass weapon that can destroy an alien ship, It’s gotta be worth something to look at this summer on July 29th.

TIDBIT: Did I mention Olivia Wilde was Hot, Click HERE for more Olivia….Trust Me


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