On Blast!: Ice Cube

Posted: April 11, 2011 in On Blast

Ok so we all know ” Ice Cube” original gangsta rapper from N.W.A. and some others know him from family films, such as “Longshots” ,”Are We There Yet”  which recently has its own TV series running. Ok so is Cube G’d up or is he the family man? Im sure some where along the line of  banging you realize its bunch of Bull$**t and its time to grow up.

With everything being said, cube currently has a movie “CHROME AND PAINT” that he’s been shopping around. Now the movie CHROME AND PAINT is suppose to be a gritty R-rated hardcore straight from the hood of South Central, drive bys taking young peoples life kind of flick. But in turn of events he has sold the film to Di$ney, that have plans to go the other way making the film PG13.  Make up your mind Cube! is it going back to your roots of being hard? or is it I’m going to make heart felt family movies and make some money??? you tell me is he selling out? or cashing in some quick change?


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