Fan Tasered at MLB Game

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Awesome Stuff

Damn I’m never going to a Pittsburgh baseball game anymore. So apparently the man shown in the video below (Scott ashley )was asked to leave the PNC PARK Stadium, still have not seen why, Scott was on his way down to leave the stadium and on his way down he saw another fellow fan try to give him a high five, but the high five was interrupted when a PNC PARK employee got in the way and man did Scott not like that. Check out the video below before it gets taken down

Oh and below is a video of a fan (Amanda Harle) getting arrested also because she DEMANDED to know why (Scott) was being arrested, she replied “I work for KDKA and I’m going to fry your (expletive)”……stupid move

Fun Fact: USA! USA!USA!.Man that guy can take a taser to the back….or maybe it just missed the skin


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