On Blast!: J.Cole vs. P. Diddy

Posted: April 6, 2011 in On Blast

“I’m Coming Home”

Ok so  “On Blast” will be our segment that will we put on our site and explained our opinion on a certain topic that you can say  “Grinds our Gears”. Today were gonna let you guys know why the wrong “I’m Coming Home” is being played on the radio and which one you should listen to.

So this blast basically started when we keep hearing the P.Diddy version on the radio over and over, people jamming to his “HIT” song and having this version of the song as their ringtone. I’m guessing it was just irritating knowing that there is a better version of this song by a better rapper by the name of J.Cole. J.Cole basically released his version of the song maybe a couple days later at P.Diddy released his. The beat is still Diddy’s but come on J.cole brings it more.

Below are the songs of the two versions by the two artists, check them both out and see what you think…..don’t be afraid to comment




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