“Cars 2” Viral Video Campaign

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Movies

Well Cars 2 has decided to do a viral campaign for their upcoming movie and hopefully this video is the first of many. Below you will see a video of a “fake” car dealership on how you can walk away with a whole car and the deals you can get. If you pay close attention to the video you actually might find some clues that will lead you to a secret clip for “Cars 2”. See if you can find them first

Don’t feel like finding the clues, here i’ll save you guys some time…..Clue#1 at the 0.50 second mark you will see a number show up on the screen (510-423-0616), you can actually call that number and it will take you to a recording for a youtube video (BELOW)…..Clue#2 at the 0:57 second mark the screen scrambles and if you actually pause the video at the 57 second mark, you will see a car that looks like “Lighting Mcqueen” or the Car that is featured in the secret clip and it also provides a website at the top called “CHROMEA113.COM”, follow that website and that will take you to a youtube video.

I’ll just save you guys some more time again and ill give you the video below, but feel free if you want to check out those clues


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