Weekend Box Office #’s

Posted: April 3, 2011 in Movies

Ha, an Easter bunny beat out Jake Gyllenhall and his weird movie

Just like last week,  this comes as no big surprise. Family movies win the weekend……again. The one thing that is surprising though is the difference of how much “Hop” made in revenue than what the “Source Code” brought in. “Hop” made 38.1 million dollars over the weekend and “Source Code” brought in only 15.1 million (close to 24 million difference). Again the surprise is not that “Hop” won , the surprise is that “Source Code” only made 15 million. For a movie of that caliber, the actors in it and the promoting that was done for the movie, Im just kinda surprised that it didn’t make more. Anyways here’s the top 5 movies of the weekend!


1) Hop – $38.1 Million

2) Source Code – $15.1 Million

3) Insidious – $13.5 Million

4) Diary of a Wimpy Kid – $10.2 Million

5) Limitless – $9.4 Million



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