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Joe ft Mystikal – “Stutter”



Red Hot Chilli Peppers – “Californiacation”

Are you serious, How awesome and also easy would have been if we had a portal gun when we were playing Super Mario. We would have beaten the game in maybe 5 minutes. Well this video just shows how awesome it would have been.
Vodpod videos no longer available.
TIDBIT: Portal FTW!!!

The NFL Draft is here and it’s time for your favorite teams to make the important decisions of the year and to honor tonight and the draft, ESPN and DJ Steve Porter made a little something to remember how important tonight is for NFL teams and to PLEASE make the right decision….Jamarcus Russell,HA

Hulu Plus Coming to Xbox Live

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Video Game
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Damn it feels Good to be an Xbox Live Member, cause starting tomorrow April 29 all Xbox Live members will finally be able to use Hulu Plus for free on their 360. For Free!!!

There is only one catch though and that is Hulu Plus will be a free trial for all members of LIVE through April 29 – May 6 after that only Hulu Plus Members would get the whole Hulu experience. If you wanted to experience all of what Hulu has to offer on your 360 the fee for Hulu Plus after the trial would be $7.99 a month. It’s a drag you have to pay for Hulu Plus, but hey at least Xbox Live is working and not hacked.HA

TIDBIT: Day 8, Playstation Network is STILL down and your credit card info might have been stolen…..Great Job Sony!!!

Lupe Fiasco follows up on “The Show Must Go On” which went platinum and releases the second single and video off his latest album “Lasers”  with “Words I Never Said”

TIDBIT: Lupe Fiasco did say that he will return to his original style and for his next album “Food and Liquor 2” will appeal to the nerdy Lupe Fiasco fans. That’s the Lupe we know

Mack Morrison – “Return of the Mack”