Battlefield 3 Faultline Gameplay Video

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Video Game

Looking at the recent videos on what Battlefield 3 has to offer and “DAMN” it looks good. So just to start off I will always love the COD MW series and will always play them when the new one does comes out, also Black ops well that was just a Joke and waste of time. HA

Well while I do wait for the new COD MW game and wonder what greatness will happen when it does come out, Battlefield 3 does look like a game that I will def play for the time being when the new CODMW comes out and it also does look like CODMW does have its run for the money when Battlefield 3 does comes out. check out the latest video gameplay from Battlefield 3 campaign.

TIDBIT: I sure do hope this game does not disappoint me like Black Ops did


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