Music That Paints Pictures

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Music

So i was jammin to my ipod today during work and herd Rewind from Nas and thought, Dam that was beautifully written. In that matter i decided to write about a couple songs i found that were well painted  pictures…Now Now i know you can argue that there are alot more better ones than these, But those are for another post. So here we go

“Rewind” – Nas (stillmatic) if you listen closely Nas is describing how him  and his boys jump out on a fool to unload clips  but tells the whole story from end to begining. Personally a favorite of mine…jam it to relive a clever tune


“Brenda’s Got A Baby” – Tupac (2PACALYPSE NOW) Now im sure you hurd of this one right? well if you haven’t tupac tells a vivid story about a young teen living in poverty who gets pregnant and how her decisions affect her life due to her  environment …take a listen


“Mind Playing tricks on me” – Geto Boys (We Cant Be Stopped) Ok in this one the story telling  steps on the boundaries of paranoia, showing that some wrongs come back to haunt you…play the cut for the ride.


“Dreams” – J.Cole (The Warm Up) This up and coming lyricist tells a crazy ass story how a man could lose his mind due to freakin cupid’s  arrows…in other words if you want her gotta do whatever it takes to make it happen haha


“Hip Hop Saved My Life” – Lupe Fiasco (The Cool) This jam  from fiasco inspires me to the fullest, with all the detail s of making it in the game of music. I’m holding my head high after this one no doubt…


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